Monday, December 1, 2014


spread your wings, my soul
immortality be my goal
and passion my shining star
to carry me so far

above the dreamless herd
i only need one word -
love -
to soar above

higher - ever higher
to deathless desire

yes, go ahead and smile
so will i -
after a while

and so will he
with the cruelty
from which passion is born

and you
with worldly scorn

but i
in happy memory

the trade, i feel
is fair
for what else is there?

myself: a fragment

under a tree, all by myself
i wrote a poem about an elf
a wizard, and a unicorn
and a princess who wished she had never been born

ergath the elf was very short
he was a mean and violent sort
filled with grievance against his fellows
and not inclined to be kind and mellow

wando the wizard was short and round
and dispensed his magic by the pound
set himself up by the side of the road
and offered to lighten travelers' loads

roger was a unicorn
of all his illusions he had been shorn
he had been a philosopher for a while
and had forgotten how to smile

the princess was a prisoner
of all who had betrayed her
she was the meekest of the meek
and tears rolled down her shadowed cheek

Thursday, August 15, 2013


o have i been forgotten
has now my life been spent?
has the road ended
down which my steps are bent?

o world do not forsake me
o eternity let me live!
i had so many dreams
i had so much love to give

surely there is some mistake
surely it can not be i
falling through the laughing clouds
down the indifferent sky

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


come away with me, love
come away with me
let us wander through the meadow
let us drown in the sea

they hate us for our beauty
they hate us for our love
no one has ever loved like us
beneath the stars above

o why do they hate us
why do they hate us so
we have eternal passion
but nowhere - nowhere to go

let us wander through the desert
through the endless sand
let them find us there together
expired, hand in hand

let us find the road to nowhere
and walk it to the end
let us embrace the horizon
whatever it portend

come away with me, love
come away with me
let us wander through the graveyard
let us drown in the deep gray sea

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the flower

after the storm of passion -
after the rainfall of lust -
the solitary flower
stands still in the shiny dust

the smirking sun is rising -
clenching its fiery fist
the flower can only await its fate
unable to turn or twist

the tiniest bug can scamper away
the smallest bird find shade
the flower can only await its fate
an unchaperoned maid

Monday, November 29, 2010


the universe is a fading rose
trembling on ballerina toes
plucked by invisible hands
and tossed upon windswept sands

the sands are our immortal souls
disappearing down black holes
never to be seen again
until the dreamer wakes - o when?

when will the sun return?
when will the flame burn?
when will the trees walk?
when will the grass talk?

when will wise men climb down from the walls
and listen to the rain as it falls
washing away their prophecies
like dandelions laughing in the breeze?